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Welcome to the Technology Lab!

We are so excited to have your child visit the lab. Within the lab students will be using their problem solving, critical thinking, creative and communication skills to complete projects. This lab collaborates with homeroom and enhancement teachers on various projects


Students (and Parents) please click on the folder representing your grade in the Navigator box on the right hand side of the screen. 



Grading Scale

The teachers in the lab measures your child’s growth by using a competency check system. This is an amazing opportunity for you as a parent to see exactly what your child can and can’t do. 




Standards Taught

Both North Carolina standards and ISTE's will be taught in technology. To review those standards click on the following links:  ISTE Standards



Below are a few links that your child will be using throughout the year. Feel free to explore this blog and enclosed units to familiarize yourself with what your child will learn.

Citation Page           Citation Examples

Internet Unit    

Email Instructions                    

Excel Teaching Points

Keyboarding Websites

Research Project Requirements

Research Websites






TEI Practice Sites from the Techie Teacher

Technology Enhanced Items are appearing on Common Core and state testing. We need to prepare our students with these type of testing items. Come learn about the different types of questions/responses and grab a list of FREE websites you can use for practice in your classroom and at home. Links work for Chromebook users!










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