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Website Evaluation

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Super 3


Big 6                                        Visual for the Big 6 or  Super 3

 1. Task Definition. What does your teacher want you to do? What information do you need? Write questions to help answer the task.

2. Information Seeking Strategies. List possible sources of information to help answer the task assigned.

3. Location & Access. Find sources.

4. Use of Information. Read and take notes.

5. Synthesis. Writing process! Prewriting, Drafting, Conferencing, Revising, Editing, Publishing steps.

6. Evaluation. Answer questions prior to turning in project to confirm assignment accuracy.

Here's a website to assist you with this process. Big6 Writing Process Organizer



Website Evaluation

Choosing a website to gather your research is just as important as research itself.  Not all websites are credible and should not be used.

Credible means believable or convincing.

Source means a place where research can be obtained.

  • Do NOT use - wikipedia, ask.com, yahoo.com, ehow, about.com, personal blogs
  • USE - edu (education), gov (government)
  • Maybe - .com, .net and .org - You must check to see if the company is an expert or credible in the field you are researching. Check the About Us tab for the website. READ!!!




3rd Grade

Website Evaluation video [5min]   

Website Evaluation interactive lesson by Vaughan "Credible Sources Count"

Ask yourself Who? What? Why? When? How?

Think before you choose a site!



4th Grade

Common Craft video Website Evaluation

The ABC's of Website Evaluation

A - Author.

  • Is the author listed?
  • Is the author credible?
  • What is the author's intent?

B - Believable

  • Does the information seem correct?
  • Does it agree with other sites?
  • Does the information fit my research purpose?

C - Currency

  • What is the date of the website?
  • How recent is the information?
  • Can you find a better example?



Download the ABC powerpoint and follow along with my lesson. You will practice evaluating websites and completing a checklist.



5th Grade

 The 5 W's of Website Evaluation  video 1     video 2     video 3    

1. Who - is the author an expert?

2. What - what is the purpose of the site?

3. When - when was the site created or updated?

4. Where - where does the information come from?

5. Why - why should I use this information?


The 5 W's of Website Evaluation

Evaluating Websites Online Checklist



BrainPOP video on Website Evaluation


Research Project Requirements Page




Research Websites

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