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Citation Instructions (redirected from Citations)

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Super 3


Big 6                                        Visual for the Big 6 or  Super 3

 1. Task Definition. What does your teacher want you to do? What information do you need? Write questions to help answer the task.

2. Information Seeking Strategies. List possible sources of information to help answer the task assigned.

3. Location & Access. Find sources.

4. Use of Information. Read and take notes.

5. Synthesis. Writing process! Prewriting, Drafting, Conferencing, Revising, Editing, Publishing steps.

6. Evaluation. Answer questions prior to turning in project to confirm assignment accuracy.

Here's a website to assist you with this process. Big6 Writing Process Organizer




Students are required to give credit for work that  I've created a page showing you a FEW examples of how it works. Please use the online resources to double check your work as I cannot cover every type of source you will see. Citation Examples

Kindergarten                 Does not cite sites. :)

1st-2nd Grade               Cite a site by writing the website title or name.

3rd Grade and Up         Cite a site using the instructions below.


  • See the Citation Examples blog page for various types of citations.
  • See my Works Cited Example for proper MLA format and instructions.
  • There are websites to assist you with proper MLA format.

  Purdue OWL Citation Worksheet      Citation Machine       Easy Bib     Bibme.org






Online Web Document (without Authors)   VIDEO

"Article Title." Title of Website. Publishing Organization, Published Date day month year. Web. Date YOU read the article day month year. <URL>.



Online Web Document (with Authors)    VIDEO

Author Last, First. "Article Title." Title of Website. Publishing Organization, Published Date day month year. Web. Date YOU read the article day month year. <URL>.



Online Photos

 Artist Last, First. Photo Title. Date published day month year. Photograph. Website Title, City. Web. Date YOU saw the photo day month year. <URL>.



Online Videos

Video Title. Date published day month year. Video. Website Title. City. Web. Date you watched video day month year. <URL>.



3rd Grade

Plagiarism image

Citation video

Photo Citation Instruction     Website 1    Website 2  


1.) Review the following websites with your group. Can you cite them correctly?  Website 1      Website 2


2.) Create citation for this photo. Website 1    



4th Grade

Citation video


Can you cite these correctly? All students will cite Website 1 and each group will cite either Website 2 or Website 3.    Citation Machine    Easy Bib 

  Website 1     Website - video 2          Website - video 3    


Citation Worksheet   



5th Grade


Can you cite this correctly?  Website 1    Website 2      Citation Machine      Easy Bib 

Grading Rubric

1 pt = Title

1 pt = Hanging indent & double space

1 pt = Citation #1

1 pt = Citation #2

Total points = 4 (easy A)



Practice Websites

Website 1         Video 1        Picture 1      

Website 2         Video 2        Picture 2    

Website 3         Video 3        Picture 3

Website 4        


Research Project Requirements Page




Research Websites

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